Our Story

We at SJFS provide comprehensive client accounting services for Catholic Schools, Catholic Parishes, Catholic Dioceses and other Catholic Institutions. SJFS enables our clients to make better business decisions through experienced accounting professionals, standard business processes and best in class technology. In addition to qualified accounting services offered at an affordable cost, we provide wrap around advisory services such as financial analytics, board preparation, budgeting and planning.

Financial Insights

Our clients have access to essential financial capabilities integrated into one user friendly platform. This platform provides our clients, at no additional total cost to them, with a high level of service on basic accounting functions and additional financial insight which they could not afford on their own and gives us a method to deliver new features and analytic tools to all clients, efficiently. As importantly, as a non-profit, we reinvest any excess income into our talent, our capabilities and our technology.

We are grateful for the visionary and courageous leadership that has brought us to this point. Thanks to God’s providence we have been in the right place at the right time with the right people, donors and partners that have brought us to this point and help Catholic organizations fulfill God’s mission.

St. Joseph Financial Services (SJFS) is a charitable non-profit firm that serves the Roman Catholic Church’s financial needs.

Strategic Anchors

Employing mission-driven, quality people.

Offering industry-leading and approachable technology.

Creating a Better Back-Office for our Clients.

What’s Important To Us

Our Vision

We are the only solution to the financial crisis hindering the Church’s Mission.

Our Mission

We provide comprehensive, outsourced accounting services to Catholic organizations.

Our Values

We value Joyful Duty, Resilience, and Owning Our Work.

Our Name

The name, St. Joseph Financial Services, is rooted in our heritage. We were founded in the Diocese of San Jose (i.e., Saint Joseph) in 2018. In 2020, the firm moved to South Bend, Indiana – which is in “St. Joseph” County. St. Joseph, as the foster father of Jesus, and the patron saint of workers and builders, exemplifies our values as a financial services organization. We work in the background, coaching and mentoring our clients to free their time for more ministry to our children and families.