Explore What It’s Like to be a Member of the SJFS Team

SJFS is more than just an accounting firm – we are experts and professionals working towards a common goal: to serve our clients and Catholic education. We are an experienced team of individuals from across the professional landscape, with Big 4 accounting experience and Fortune 500 leadership spread across our ranks. 

Are you interested in working with our team at SJFS? Hear from our team members - in their own words! 

“I spent time before coming to SJFS as the Finance Director at a Non-Profit organization, and developed a passion for helping others through my work as an accountant. The team at SJFS has allowed me to grow into a leader for the schools and clients that I work with, while still offering the flexibility to work from where I live, and maintain the hobbies and interests that I had before joining the team. Spending my days at a job that I am passionate about, and my evenings with my family (and homestead) is a gift that I am grateful for.”

Mark Mannerino Client Advisor

“I made the transition from a Big 4 accounting firm to SJFS because of my passion for serving others through the work that I am doing. Getting out of a cubicle and back into the hobbies that I am passionate about has made such a difference in my life, both professionally and personally. The flexibility that SJFS offers, and the ability to serve groups and organizations that I am passionate about has made such a difference for me while at SJFS.”

Jacqueline O’Neil Client Advisor
    Jonathan Boulos, CEO
    “As the CEO of SJFS, it is my priority to ensure that each of our team members has opportunities to not only apply their skills, but to grow as both people and professionals in their time at SJFS. Our team members have families, commitments and lives outside of work that we want to allow the space to grow, and it is my priority to ensure that each member of our team gets those opportunities.”
    Geoff Turbiak, Director of Marketing and Experience
    “Our team members have experience in Fortune 500 companies, large accounting firms, and corporations across the United States, but one thing unites us at SJFS: our commitment to serving Catholic education. We work to allow the gifts and talents of our team members to shine - not overlooked in their time at SJFS.”
    Doug Erla, Chief of Staff
    “It is a gift to work together for a singular mission at SJFS, and we want our team members to be able to operate at their highest potential - which means respecting the person and the work. It is our goal at SJFS to make sure that our team members are enjoying their work, and are passionate about their careers - as these ingredients create a work environment that ensures both quality work and healthy, happy team members.”

    So What Sets SJFS Apart?

    • Work from Anywhere Flexibility 
    • Whole Person Development 
    • Company Retreats and Days of Service 
    • Flat Organizational Model (Collaborative Org Structure) 
    • Ability to Apply Skills and Talents to Non-Profit Causes (Cause-Based Work) 
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