Who We Are

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Every dollar or minute spent in administration is taken from important ministry. Catholic schools have closed at record rates in the last twenty years, but necessity creates opportunity. Our founders paired best practices in business and accounting together with individuals who are passionate about the mission of the Church to create St. Joseph Financial Services. We serve schools and organizations devoted to Catholic education across the country, and seek to further expand those offerings for years to come.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to generate accurate and timely financial data, assemble that data into actionable information, and coach our clients to use that information in ministry decisions.

Our Vision:

To be the Church’s standard in financial services. No diocesan CFO or Catholic School Superintendent is left without actionable financial information. We are a platform for collaboration for all US dioceses. Be a place where high-performing, mission-minded individuals want to work.

Strategic Pillars:

  • State of the art accounting and business expertise: a consistently under-resourced function in our parishes and schools
  • Better data for strategic thinking: empower a growth mindset for mission advancement
  • Best in class financial solutions at an affordable cost: central office solutions cannot be maintained
  • An effective and sustainable outsourced solution to our Catholic entities: a problem we can solve with technology, process optimization and business expertise

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